Artist Biography

Jacquelyn Muir introduced herself to photography as a kid by permanently borrowing her dad’s Canon T70 camera. She loves the process of film and it’s ability to showcase light, depth, and color seamlessly. Her photography is derived from what she looks for in everyday life. Endless imagination, humor, symmetry, and slowing down to take in the moments. Jacquelyn is married to her long time friend, Cameron Muir, a genuinely gentle and kind man. They have a rambunctious two-year-old daughter who brings laughter and a need for patience in their lives. Jacquelyn’s favorite time of day is anytime after midnight, when chocolate tastes better and everything seems funnier. She loves people watching, a good chick-flick, eating frozen yogurt, and concocting her own recipes in the kitchen. Together they all live in Utah and enjoy the outdoors.